7/30/2021 (辛丑年[牛] 农历二零二一年六月廿一 星期五)
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Gourmet Kitchen Class Notice 11/28 - Chocolate Mousse Cups

Dear OACA Members,

We have good news for food lovers! !  This “Chocolate Mousse Cups” has a light texture and rich taste.  It is silky and mellow and it melts in your mouth. With a guaranteed success, even children can learn to do it!  A perfect choice to decorate for a Holidays.

Today’s Dish:【Chocolate Mousse Cups】

Date/Time:11/28 (Saturday) 4:00-5:00 PM


1.  1 cup semi sweet chocolate chips

2.  ¼ cup white chocolate chips*

3.  1 tsp vanilla extract

4.  1 ½ cups heavy whipping cream

5.  1/8 cup powdered sugar

6.  Pinch kosher salt

7.  Garnishes--berries, candy, sprinkles, nuts... Anything you like that tastes good with chocolate

Other materials:

1.  Hand mixer or stand mixer with a whisk attachment

2.  2 small microwave safe bowls

3.  1 small sauce pan

4.  1 basting brush

5.  Silicone cupcake molds for chocolate cups--paper will not work

6.  2 medium mixing bowls

7.  2 rubber spatulas

8.  A piping bag or gallon sized ziplock

9.  Measuring cups and spoons

10. A few regular spoons

For Cups:

1.  Place white chocolate and 1/4cup dark chocolate chips into separate microwave safe bowls

2.  Microwave 30 seconds at a time until chocolate is melted

3.  Spoon some white chocolate in a horizontal line, then spoon a dark chocolate line vertically to create a cross inside of your silicone mold

4.  Use a basting brush to spread the chocolate over the entire inside, distributing as evenly as possible. This will create a marbled effect when unmolded.

5.  Place molds in fridge or freezer for 5 minutes to set

6.  Heat remaining chocolate back up for 30 seconds

7.  Paint a second coat of chocolate on the silicone molds to strengthen the cup

8.  Set fridge or freezer until mousse is ready

9.  Carefully remove chocolate from molds fill with mousse, and decorate

For Mousse:

1.  Add ¾ cup of semi sweet chocolate into your mixing bowl

2.  Bring ½ cup of heavy cream to a simmer in small sauce pan.

3.  Carefully pour the heated cream over the chocolate in the mixing bowl. Let sit 5 minutes.

4.  Add vanilla and salt to mixing bowl, mix until all the chocolate is smooth.  Place into fridge to cool for 10 minutes

5.  In a separate mixing bowl or bowl attachment for your mixer, add 1 cup heavy cream and powdered sugar and use mixer with wisk attachment to whip the cream. It is ready when the cream is thick, and holds a peak.

6.  Using rubber spatula, gently fold whipped cream into the chocolate until mixed together.

7.  Fold down the opening of the ziplock bag, and fill with mousse.

8.  Close the Ziplock, and snip the bottom corner of the bag off.

9.  Pipe mousse into cups

10. Garnish as desired

Speaker’s background:

Nikki,Started cooking in 2011 at the Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Resort, owned by Starwood Hotels.  Stayed with Starwood until 2014, during that time I worked for several different properties and became Executive Chef of the Houston Sheraton. From 2014 to the end of 2016 I was the Sous Chef of Michelin Bib Gourmand rated Untitled Supper Club in Chicago. And then spent from 2017 to 2020 at Black Cat Bistro as Executive Sous Chef under James Beard nominated Chef Eric Skokan.

To join the class, click hereor use:

Meeting ID: 895 2958 7048

Passcode: 795146

For those who have not signed Liability Release form, please click the link and do so. 
For those who like to participate in LINE chat, please scan the QR codes below to join.  Wechat user please search group “Olympia奥村学堂“.  Facebook page will go active also soon……  Looking forward to your visit and participation.
Thank you once again for your supports and encouragement.  We look forward to seeing you in the class.




今日美食: 【巧克力慕斯杯】

日期/时间:11/28 (周六) 下午4:00-5:00


Nikki,从2011-2014年在喜达屋酒店集团(Starwood Hotels)旗下的迪斯尼世界天鹅与海豚度假村开始从事厨艺。在那期间,她历经多家分店最后成为休士顿喜来登酒店的首席厨师,从2014年到2016年底,在芝加哥的无题超级晚餐俱乐部里被评鉴为米其林·比伯·古曼(Michelin Bib Gourmand)级的首席厨师。 从2017年到2020年在Black Cat Bistro詹姆斯·比尔德(James Beard)所提名的大厨Eric Skokan之下担任行政总厨


1.  1杯,半甜的巧克力片(粒)

2.  ¼ 杯白巧克力片(粒),

3.  1茶匙香草精,

4.  1½ 杯浓奶油(heavy whipping cream)

5.  1/8杯糖粉

6.  少许粗盐

7.  点缀 — 浆果,七彩糖粒子,碎坚果 …… 任何匹配巧克力口味的小品


1.  搅拌器或搅拌机(状搅拌头)

2.  2个小碗(微波炉相容)

3.  小汤锅

4.  毛刷

5.  硅胶蛋糕模子或杯子(不要用纸杯)

6.  2个中号搅拌碗

7.  2把橡皮铲

8.  裱花袋,或大号(一加仑容量)易封塑胶袋 (Ziplock)

9.  量杯

10. 数个汤匙


1.  将白巧克力和1/4杯黑巧克力片各放入一个微波炉兼容的碗中

2.  用微波炉加热各30秒,直到巧克力融化

3.  用调羹在硅胶模具内部用白巧克力画一些水平线,然后用黑巧克力画一些垂直线,形成十字形

4.  用刷子将巧克力均匀抹在整个硅胶模具内部,产生大理石纹的效果。

5.  将模具放在冰箱或冰柜中5分钟,让其凝固

6.  加热剩余的巧克力30秒钟

7.  在硅胶模具上再涂一层巧克力以增强杯子

8.  放入冰箱或冰柜直到慕斯准备好。。。

9.  小心地把充满慕斯的巧克力杯从模具中取出,并进行点缀


1.  在搅拌器的碗中加入¾杯的半甜巧克力

2.  将½杯浓奶油放入小汤锅中煮出泡

3.  小心地将加热的奶油倒在搅拌碗中的巧克力上,等5分钟

4.  在搅拌碗中加入香草和盐,搅拌直至所有巧克力都是均匀的。放入冰箱冷却10分钟

5.  在另一个搅拌机/碗(或清理干净后的)中,加入1杯浓奶油和糖粉,并使用带有钢丝的头搅打奶油,直至奶油浓稠并能保持不塌陷

6.  用橡皮刮刀将鲜奶油轻轻地折入巧克力中,直至混合在一起。

7.  打开易封袋的开口,然后用慕斯装满

8.  合上易封袋,然后将袋子的下角剪开

9.  将慕斯挤入杯中

10. 根据喜好,放上装饰品


Meeting ID: 895 2958 7048

Passcode: 795146



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