10/18/2021 (辛丑年[牛] 农历二零二一年九月十三 星期一)
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Recipe, Qingdao Three-delicacies Dumplings 青岛三鲜饺子

Qingdao Three-delicacies Dumplings

Sharing Instructor:
Qiu Hanxue, Zhou Xia, and Qiu Tong (family group)

Kitchenware/Utensils: Bowl to mix dough, cutting board, small rolling pin, tray to hold dumplings, large pot and/or flat frying pan to cook

Ingredients and Cooking Steps:

Dough and dumpling wrappers:

1.  Flour: General purpose flour is fine, but high-gluten flour is more firm and chewy, is easier to handle, and the dumpling skin will be more elastic.

2.  Mixing ratio (note: 1cup flour=145 g, 1cup water=230 g):

• Family of 3-4 people:  Mix 600 grams of flour with 345 grams of water (4 cup +2 Tbsp of flour to 1.5 cups of water).  You will get 945 grams of dough → 65-70 wrappings

• Family of 4-5 people: Mix 1.5 pounds (680 grams, or 4 2/3 cup) of flour with 387 grams (1 2/3 cup) of water, resulting in about 1070 grams of dough → 75-80 wrappings

• Jumbo size: 2 lbs (907 g, 6 1/4 cup) of flour, 518 g (2 1/2 cup) of water, resulting in 1425 g of dough → 100-115 wrappings

3.  Knead the dough at least 1 hour in advance (or 2-3 hours if possible), knead 1-2 times in between, 15-20 minutes apart.  If you use a machine to knead, it should be done half an hour in advance at the latest.  Normally, mixing at low speed for 5-7 minutes can make the dough soft and even.

4.  Dumpling dough should be soft, but not too soft; too soft makes it easy to break during wrapping, too hard makes it easy to split (cannot pinch ends of wrapping together).

5.  Shape the dough into a long snake-like form on the board, with a diameter like the yolk of a boiled egg.  Cut the dough into small sections about 13-15 g each with a knife.  Roll the dough 90 degree for each successive cut to keep the pieces relatively round.  For dumplings of this size, you can make a small serving of 10 pieces or a large serving of 20-25 dumplings.

Dumpling filling:

Main ingredients (for family of 4-5):

• 1 lb ground pork (1 pound = 453 grams)

• 0.3 lb Raw shrimp or raw scallop

• 1 lb Napa cabbage

• 0.3 lb Chinese leek

Other ingredients

• 1 tsp ginger powder

• 3 scallions

• 2 tsp light soy sauce

• 4-5 grams Peppercorns

• 2 tsp sesame oil

• 2 Tbsp vegetable oil

• 10 grams of salt (adjust according to personal taste)

Steps for filling:

1. Add ginger powder, light soy sauce, and minced green onions into ground pork.  Stir to mix evenly.

2. Cut raw shrimp or scallops into small cubes, put in a small bowl, add sesame oil and mix to help remove the fishy smell

3. Put the vegetable oil (e.g. rapeseed oil, canola oil) in a pot on medium heat, add peppercorns and quick-fry it to release fragrance. Turn off the heat (don't fry it!) and let cool.

4. Chop the cabbage but not too fine to loss juice.  Do not squeeze so that juice is retained.  Chop the leek for later use.

5. Use a screen to filter out peppercorns and pour the peppercorn oil into the chopped cabbage and mix evenly.  This step is very important. The purpose is to wrap the cabbage with oil and keep its juice, nutrients, and flavor, so that the dumpling filling will not sweat during the later wrapping process.

6. Add shrimp or scallops to the ground pork and mix in one direction. Then add the cabbage and chives and continue to mix. If the meat is too dry, add a small amount of water several times and keep mixing until you hear small squeaking sound, but no excess water seeping out at the bottom of the bowl.

 (The steps of rolling and making dumplings are omitted)

 Cooked dumplings

• Boil water in a large pot, use the maximum heat, and start dropping the dumplings into the pot when the water boils.  Do it quickly, so that all dumplings enter the water in a short time.

• After putting in dumplings, stir them in time to prevent them from sticking to the bottom of the pot or to each other.  You can use a round-tip wooden spatula or plastic spatula to stir slowly to avoid breaking the dumplings. Do not use metal spoons, shovel, etc.

• Cover the pot and wait for it to boil.  You can stir 1-2 more times before the water is boiled again.  After boiling again, add 1/4 cup of cold water.  At this time, most of the dumplings have floated to the surface and are almost done.  Cover the pan again and continue cooking.  When the water boils again, add 1/8 cup of cold water, but don’t cover the pot this time.  When the water boils again, turn off the heat and the dumplings are already.  Pick up quickly and serve in a plate!

Fried dumplings

• Use a flat stainless steel or a non-stick pan, add a small amount of oil to cover the bottom of the pan, and heat it over medium heat.

• Lay in the dumplings, not too densely, and cover the pan for 1-2 minutes or until you hear squeaking sound.  Open the lid, add a small amount of water and quickly cover the pot so that the added water will form steam to steam the top of the dumplings.

• When the pot is almost dry and the steam disappears, add water again until it boils.  After opening the lid, let the bottom of the dumplings form a crust.  Lift one dumpling and examine the bottom.  If a golden crust has formed, the dumplings are ready.



厨具/器皿:盆,擀面板,小擀面杖,摆饺子的托盘, 大锅,平底煎锅



1. 至少提前 1 小时(如果 2-3 小时也可以)和面,中间要揉 1-2 次,每次间隔 15-20 分钟。如果是机器和面,最迟可以提前半小时进行。一般机器中低速搅拌 5-7 分钟可以使面柔软均匀。

2. 包饺子面要软一些,但不要太软,太软容易破,太硬容易开口(捏不住)俗话说软面饺子硬面汤。

3. 面粉:普通面粉就行,但高筋粉更有劲性, 有咬头,易于操作,饺子皮弹性也会好些。

4. 配比 (1cup 面粉=145 克, 1cup 水=230 克):

• 3-4 口之家:按重量 600 克面粉,345 克水, 或者按体积 4 cup +2Tbsp 面,加 1.5 cup水,可得 945 g 面团 →65-70 个面皮。

• 4-5 口之家:面粉 1.5 磅(680 克,或 4 2/3 cup),水 387 克 (1 2/3 cup),得面团约1070 克→75-80 个面皮

• Jumbo size: 面粉 2 磅(907 克,6 1/4 cup), 水 518 克 (2 1/2 cup), 得面团 1425 克→100-115 个面皮

5. 在面板上把面团揉成长条,大约是鸡蛋黄的粗细,滚刀切成大约 13-15 克一个的面剂子。这样大小的饺子,饭量大的大概要吃 20-25 个,饭量小的可以吃 10 余个。


主配料 (按 4-5 口之家配料):

• 新鲜肉馅 (ground pork)1 磅 (1 磅= 453 克)

• 生虾仁或者生扇贝 0.3 磅

• 白菜 (Napa cabbage)1 磅

• 韭菜(Chinese leek)0.3 磅


• 姜粉 1 tsp, 小葱 3 棵,生抽酱油 2 tsp

• 花椒粒 4-5 克,香油 2 tsp, vegetable oil, 2 Tbsp.

• 盐 10 克 (根据个人口味调整)


1. 新鲜肉馅加姜粉、生抽、切成碎末得小葱,搅匀进味。

2. 生虾仁或扇贝切小丁,放入小碗中加香油搅拌帮助去腥味

3. Vegetable oil (菜籽油,canola 油等)放如锅内中火烧热,加入花椒粒炸出香味关火(不要炸糊了!)晾凉。

4. 白菜剁碎但不要太碎以免出水营养流失,切碎得白菜不挤水,并韭菜切碎备用。

5. 把花椒油浇入切好得白菜中搅拌均匀,浇油时用带网子的漏勺滤出花椒粒不要。这一步很关键,目的是用油裹住白菜不出水,保持菜的营养和鲜味,不用额外加很多水分,使饺子馅在整个包制过程中都不出水。

6. 喂好的肉馅中加入虾仁或扇贝沿着同一个方向搅匀。然后加入白菜韭菜继续搅拌,如果肉馅太干,可以分几次加入少量清水,边加边搅拌,直至搅拌时听到哗哗的响声, 但又不至于看到盆底有任何多余的水分渗出。这样饺子馅就拌好了。



• 用大锅烧开一锅水,应该用最大的火力,在水滚开的情况下开始把饺子下入锅中。尽量快地把饺子拾起放入锅中,以免先放和后放的相隔太长时间。

• 放一些饺子之后就要及时搅动一下以免饺子沾在锅底上或相互沾连。可以用圆头的木铲或塑料铲慢慢搅起以避免搅破。不要用金属的勺子、铲子等。

• 锅里放入足够的饺子后要盖上锅盖。在水再次滚开之前可以再搅动 1-2 次。再次开锅后加入一勺凉水,此时大部分饺子已经浮起在水面上,快熟了。再次盖锅焖煮。待再次开锅时,加半勺凉水,但不再盖锅。待再次开起时,关火,饺子已经煮好。迅速捞起装盘。Serve!


• 用平底不锈钢或不粘锅,加少量油覆盖锅底, 中火烧热。

• 加入饺子,不要太密, 盖锅 1-2 分钟或直至锅内发出吱吱声。敞开锅盖加入少量水并迅速盖锅,以使加入的水形成蒸汽把饺子的上面蒸熟。

• 待到锅快烧干蒸汽消失时再加水一次,直至烧干。敞开锅盖后让饺子的底部形成锅巴。铲起一个查看底部,如果已经形成金黄的锅巴,饺子已经煎好,可以出锅了。

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