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News - Connecting with Lacey Officials – Stop Asian Hate

Dear OACA Members,

On April 7, 2021, OACA received a letter from Lacey Police Chief in response to OACA’s letter to Lacey Mayor Andy Ryder on March 19, 2021. The OACA’s letter pledged the City of Lacey (as well as other adjacent cities) respond to the Anti-Asian Hate crimes that may affect the Chinese community in this region.  In addition to the April 7 letter, the City of Lacey (the City) also invited OACA Officials to meet with the city officials to further discuss measures that the City and OACA can implement to prevent and resolve any racial related hate crimes. The meeting was conducted online via Zoom on April 19, 2021, at 2:30PM. The Lacey City Manager - Mr. Scott Spence and Police Chief  - Robert Almanda held the meeting on behalf of Mayor Ryder.  OACA President - Mingta Lin, Vice President - Wendy Chen, and Secretary - Victor Kao attended the meeting. The following are the recaps of discussions in this meeting:

●  The City of Lacey welcomes and encourages regular interaction with OACA Officials and its members.  They want to be part of the community and be seen as a member just like you, they just happen to be in police uniforms.

●  Social media has been an effective way to know Lacey Police Department.  You will find late breaking news, training, and you can exchange thoughts with others.  Lacey Police like you to be comfortable with talking to them.

●  When you encounter harassment, please report.  You don’t have to call 911. You can call Thurston County – Comm 360-704-2740.  There was a recent case where an online school event was disrupted by racial slurs and intolerance.  The Police Department conducts investigations without delay to ensure the safety of the participants.  They successfully identified the responsible party in disguise and ensured that they were held accountable.  Such hate-speech was not technically a criminal violation, police had no obligation to investigate unless you report it.

●  Two Chinese ladies were harassed by two white males in western Olympia Target store parking lot two weeks ago.  They chose to go back to their car and left the scene immediately.  The case was never reported to the police.  The Police Chief pointed out that major retail stores normally have surveillance cameras installed on their premises.  If reported in time, police can track down the perpetrator. 

●  When asked what to do if someone drives by your house and yells out “Go back to China!”, the Police Chief said “Install a surveillance camera”.  Since information leading to the perpetrator is so important.

●  When asked “Shall we buy guns”, the Police Chief said “A cell phone taking video is more powerful than a gun.”

●  At the end, city official encouraged citizen to personalize their government.  The City will add OACA to their communication list and OACA President immediately invited Lacey city officials to OACA’s next major event.

When we receive responses from other cities in the future, we will communicate ASAP.


亚特兰大枪击事件后,OACA写信给Lacey市长(及周遭其他城市)呼吁关注可能发生仇视亚裔事件。在4月7号我们收到Lacey警察局长代表市長Andy Ryder的支持信,并且被邀请参加会议,共同商讨可以采取的预防和解决有关种族仇恨犯罪的措施。 会议于2021年4月19日下午2:30通过Zoom Meeting在线进行。Lacey副市长Scott Spence先生和警察局长 Robert Almanda代表市长举行了会议。OACA会长-林铭达,副会长-林慧文,和秘书-高致远出席了会议。 以下是本次会议的讨论摘要:



•遇到骚扰时,请举报。您不必打911。您可以打 Thurston Country – Comm 360-704-2740。最近有一个案例,一个网上学校活动因种族歧视和不当言论而被打断。警察局立即展开调查,以确保参与者的安全。他们成功地找到了肇事者,并追究了他们的责任。从技术上讲,这种仇恨言论不是犯罪行为,警察无权介入,只有当您举报,警察才会展开调查。






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